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JonBenet Ramsey (above) then Robert Hedges, Author of "The Childrens Immortalyzation Network" destinial strategy portion of "The International Physical Immortality Project"
JonBenet lived from Aug 6, 1990 to Dec25, 1996 Boulder, Colorado, USA
Life is Precious. Please let us make the most of it, Together!
9/21/2001 The Context of Evolving DNA is the unsolicited, destructive testing of all biologically based beings, inclusive of humans. By Breeding, regardless of our reasonings and rationalizations, we participate in the innocently inherited, solar powered, bio-chemical, breed to kill, conspiracy. Only Genicide or Immortalization can resolve the ethical dilemma. Only One is "legal"! The intention is to prevent all children of all ages from ever dying physically..... You have the responsibility and the opportunity to never die, physically, Ever!!!
Author: Robert Ray Hedges, born [9/20/41]9pm Kansas City Mo.[astrological info]. E-mail address is

THE GRAND CLARIFICATION: Prophecy Fullfillment

The Origin and Destination of Intent! Our universe is constantly analyzing and responding to our intention RELEVANCE! is under construction. Every 73 hours around the clock....continuously, 1,000,000 children are created by their parents to be destructively tested on earth.

To Resolve this malicious modality SuperScience is being formed as a single unified context of harmonious coordinated virtuous intentionality, a higher form of human respect and behavior. What is quickening is Real Immortality as our inclusive, coordinated universal intent. SuperScience, one country on Earth, will be titled something like "The International Physical Immortality Project". Robert Hedges, Sedona Az,

Our current response to existence is the result of our incomplete interpretation of our perceptions from which we build our worldview behavioral response operating system. This response system is interactive with the sum of all of the laws of physics and chemistry and the sociology. Karma is the universe mirroring our response to our intention and so our intentions audition for relevance through time and some of the creations we make have there effects delayed, making it difficultto adjust and evolve our world view to bring it rapidly useful and relevant to the evolution that produced our intention/analysis/response system.


Charles Darwin's analysis and perspective brings Survivability into consciousness, in contrast to an old paradigm of living virtuously to earn a great "afterlife" as if death is not final. If, in fact, the universe is only physical, then this is a very powerful shift in intention and pure-ception....PHYSICAL PRESERVATION IS TRUE LOVE, ETERNAL

Andthe "soul" belief system needs to be replaced with Real Salvation [Physical]! Y2STAY: SCIENCE has begun ANSWERING:

Who: Humans? Psychology/Philosophy (identity crisis)

What: Dna Evolving.....

Why: Infinite respect for life

Where: (location accuracy) Galactic: Milky Way, Earth, Geographically within a few feet with Global Positioning Satellite systems.

When: (time accuracy) Within a billionth of a second using the cesium/laser tuned fluorescence fountain clock!

How: Learn together. How Long: Now being created....

[The Childrens Immortalyzation Network]

PREFACE OUR SPECIES IS THE ONLY SPECIES, EVER, TO EXPAND ITS LIFE-SPAN BY 50% IN 150 YEARS....THE IMPLICATIONS ARE ENORMOUS!!! Evolution will continue to use us as lab animals, in a cruel and inhumane manner, until we, the evolver/evolvee,take charge, awaken, and become our own answer to our own prayers....It's all in our hands, we, the people of earth, are becoming our own physical saviours. This document has the ability and intent to bring us out of our innocently inherited sleep, to prepare for the quickening shift of consciousness, now rapidly increasing in our world. In the old paradigm, our intention came from an inherited and pre-resolved identity stucture [crisis]. The context clarification was D.O.S.[die on schedule] and the paradigm is all six billion people working to prevent all forms of death. In order to create the new identity/intention system....there is one main "requirement".DECIDING TO LIVE!!! and then applying our full will to learning and sharing that reality, being in persistance and creating focused integrity. Doing this heals our inherited low-self-worth [DENIED] DIE-namic. Immortalyzation has begun. I have created I.R.Q. as an evolution of the intelligence quotient. Standard I.Q. measurement does not address death in any way! That's reflective of how self-worth and intelligence had no connection until now. It's about the infinite physical preservation of physical life inclusive of 5,800,000,000 other geniuses. So the reference for what is intelligent is in comparing thecurrent intention to intentions that preserve life. [your intents life saving relevance] This will help stop confusion! INTENTION===RELEVANCE===QUOTIENT is ultimately about infinite physical self preservation AS THE NEW PARADIGM for our species....beyond confusion! The REAL WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION!!! .....With all 5.8 billion people (eventually) learning to immortalyze our species. Church and state had wisely been separated because no church was immortalyzing the species and was, therefore, still in the deathing paradigm. Some places in the world haveextended the human life span by 50%. The Physical Immortality Project is designed to extend the human life span indefinitely by changing our beliefs and our intent as an entire species. will is its initial name until we evolve that name. Please send your positive humanitarian ideas to my e-mail address at Please!

I have psychological information that describes the roots of male anger and THE CAUSE and CURE for WAR! With the saved lives, effort, and the wealth redirected into education we are turning away from world destruction to preservation of earth AND physically eternalyzing all of the inhabitants. Encoded in our dna is an inertial (auto-pilot) psycho-chemically encoded, pre-disposed behavioral/emotional puppet system. It can only be over-ridden AFTER YOU KNOW of its existence in your personal version of your (psychological) profile. I am accessing the international humanitarian genius pool to balance and increase the respect of women by men, of men by women, and of all beings to all beings under the title "THE INTERNATIONAL PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY PROJECT".

This title will eventually replace the United Nations as HUMANITIES newworld intent. Of common origin and of a common destiny....the total respect for and the learning how to infinitely preserve our precious evolving respectful co-existence. THE PSYCHOLOGY OF CLARITY [AS AN IMMORTALYZER OF SELF AND OUR SPECIES]: Humans inherit a physiological and a culturalized random psychological profile when we enter physical existence. Because we are adaptive and only partially conscious, we adapt our belief system to the randomness and perform an innocent sleepwalk designer obituary until or unless we have a psychical event which creates enough objectivity to accurately experience our psycho-physiological structure. We naturally fear this experience of seeing our illusions about ourselves, so clarity is difficult and naturally resisted. Perhaps out of unconscious resentment toward our parents for manifesting us without our permission, we are conditioned to resent authority and unwisely, therefore, resent TRUTH, our master authority. We are the only part of the universe that can do anything about our vulnerable and, up until now, terminal existence. The paradigm and its quickening place us all under additional pressure to gain a whole new level of a species wide harmonious understanding about the solar powered, replicating, mutating, evolving beings that we are. When so awakened to the joy of TRUTHING and loving ourselves and "others" (those who we were told are not us), SUPERHUMANITY will form with ease and profoundly affect the quality and length of our experience of being in the priviledge of physical manifestation...all awakened. I have crossed the paradigm boundry and am reaching in to the minds and "hearts" of my species to begin the process of awakening to an evolving pure and coordinated intention such that humanity resolves all forms of physical demise in an organized effort (internationally). Our intentioness enters the collective intention pool constantly whether we are "doing" anything or not. Because the universe is always present, as the sum of all physics, the universe must respond to intent whether that intent is conscious or not. The destinial human wavefront is composed of the sum of all human intention and our ability to stay physically manifest is totally dependent upon our degree of awakeness, both as individuals and as a species within the phenomenon that we are now coming to know. The largest threat to our existence, near the paradigm2002 mark, is unresolved male anger, combined with the technological intention amplifiers such as weapons of mass destruction. We live, temporarily, in a very dangerous universe where stars explode and wipe out evolutions,...with viruses in our bodies and our internet, earthquakes,floods, tornadoes etc. but, where there is a will there is a way, and the enhancement of dna life forms is our direct evidence of the power of the life force WILL, driving the continuing ability of life to stay embodied. The International Physical Immortality Project at is designed specifically to awaken and bring harmonic all human creative aptitude, to stop all forms of death. This is infinite self respect school. Once we truly decide to live, freedumb, as we knew it, will be VOLUNTARILY abandonedfor what I call virtue aerobics. This is the attitude and learning aptitude, within gratitude, of "What can I do to become more healthy and help others to become more healthy?" Our educational system will evolve around this intent. The world health organization and the United Nations can merge and be internationally internetedly coordinated. The universe is both supportive and destructive simultaneously. We are its creative semi-conscious expression. Only humans can evolve our own physical security in an otherwise very tenative existence. Teamwork and enhanced attitude/aptitude is our growing miracle. Think of it this way....evolution didn't manufacture us fully conscious so a lot of our intent (behavior) is irrelevant....[small talk verses dealing with living indefinely] talk. THE CAUSES AND CURE OF.....MALE FRUSTRATION! What is perceived and experienced by males as sexual, emotional,intellectual, and psychical negligence by females, and mothers in particular, is rooted in our deep past. It is all innocent and born of natural fear. The dna sponsored, life force sexual energy has, embedded within it, a power to override and prevent objectivity. WE HAVE BEEN DECEIVED!!!!! Our creative time does not belong to us......Our creative time belongs to the evolution that manufactured us. The intention driving this re-referencing of what owns our creativity, is to solublize our selfish use of intent so that the one mind,[the new paradigm], immortalyzation, can unite our common origin and our common destiny; to create functionality using coordinated pure intent for the super-human race, evolutions next phase. The way it stands today, women/mothers are unconsciously subserviated to breed, possibly mutate slightly, and then have the baby destructively tested, and pass this context on to the chill-dren. Males are unconsciously subserviated to the already subserviated female, and, so, are twice subserviated. Because women, in general, receive subserviation energy from males, and not the reverse, males, on the average die 5 years early. The subconscious mind of males does not like this set-up, but, being confused, re-contexts its negative retaliation reaction as war, and crime. Every non-immortalyzing relationship with any other human contains a twin innocent unconscious co-conspiracy to kill self and the other. "How are you-ness?" is our subconscious guilt and learned pretense of pretenDEAD not-tending to our deathwish means, simply, not yet conscious as animmortalyzer of self and our species....which is the new paradigm. Denial is fear of truth, perpetuated. The natural tendency to extenddeathingness forward in time is innocent, inherited low-self-worth, not yet brought conscious. People in this vibration cannot love, they, we, can only PRETEND to love.....Pollyanna romantic denial sickness.....born of innocence.